Why invest in Mauritius?

Mauritius offers many benefits & advantages as indicated below:

  • Proven political stability, an impressive track record of recognized economic rankings and indices, and a steady economic growth for several decades.
  • A safe business environment for investment, a recognized rule of law.
  • The most liberalized country on the African continent and the most business friendly.
  • Multicultural as well as multi-ethnic, Mauritius offers a unique and peaceful lifestyle in this mix of cultures.


Real estate in Mauritius: an investor's paradise

Whether you’re buying an apartment, villa, commercial space or an office in Mauritius, you’ll be able to enjoy our country’s advantageous fiscal framework:

  • Due to the double taxation agreement signed between several countries and Mauritius, you’ll benefit from an exemption for real estate located in Mauritius.
  • The rate of income tax is capped at 15 % in Mauritius.
  • The rate of land transfer tax is only 5 %.
  • No inheritance tax on Mauritian property.
  • No capital gains tax.
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